Network analysis for everyone

An open, replicable and collaborative platform to facilitate the analysis of networks and relationships in any field of knowledge.

With Onodo you can create your own project and facilitate analysis and understanding of complex information. This tool is based on the initial development of the project Who Rules - a map of power in Spain.


Onodo is an open source project. It will facilitate integration with other tools -such as Google Refine or Gephi- and will allow to import and integrate bulk data from multiple sources, automatically or manually, to apply different models of analysis.


Onodo will allow journalists, social scientists, creative designers or any other discipline to visually show any set of complex relationships.


The community of users is essential. We want you to share, help and encourage others to identify relationships and patterns in their field of knowledge.

We will be building in Onodo during 2015. If you are interested and would like to receive more information you can subscribe to our mailing list. Your participation is important.

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Fundación Ciudadana Civio is a Spanish non-profit organization. Civio uses the potential of the new technologies to promote transparency, access to information and citizens’ participation. We combine web-based applications and data journalism to create innovative civic projects, such as Your Right to Know, Where do my takes go?, The Pardonometer, Our daily BOE, Who Rules and Spain in Flames.

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Barcelona Media is a centre for advanced technology dedicated to applied research and the transfer of knowledge and technology as a means to boost the competitiveness of the media and communications sector. The advances made by Barcelona Media in the field of communications can be applied in many sectors, such as health and safety, the automotive industry, medicine and mobility. Barcelona Media is a member of TECNIO, a network that brings together the main expert agents in applied research and technology transfer in Catalonia and ARTIC, The Catalan Institute of Applied Research, Technology Innovation and Creativity.

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CHEST (Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks) is a 30-month collaborative project co-financed with support from the European Commission through FP7. The aim of the project is to provide a forum that will enable entrepreneurs and innovators from across the EU to propose new solutions that have the potential to address key societal challenges, so called ‘social innovation’. In addition to the creation of an online community platform that will facilitate the sharing and exchanging of ideas, CHEST will invest up to €2.5 Million in highly innovative ideas through the launch of three open funding rounds.