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Orphan Black

Created by
Alicia Alvarez
Node Type Description Visible
Abel Johanssen Castor clone Visibility
Adele Civilian Visibility
Alan Nealon Doctor Visibility
Aldous Leekie Scientist Visibility
Alexander Director Visibility
Alexis Prolethean Visibility
Alison Hendrix Leda clone Visibility
Alonzo Martinez Neolution Visibility
Amelia Carrier Visibility
Angela Deangelis Detective Visibility
Anita Bower Psychiatrist Visibility
Annia Kaminska Leda clone Visibility
Art Bell Detective Visibility
Aryanna Giordano Leda clone Visibility
Astrid Neolutionist Visibility
Aynsley Norris Civilian Visibility
Benjamin Kertland Birdwatcher Visibility
Beth Childs Leda clone Visibility
Birdwatchers Visibility
Blood Ties Play Visibility
Bobby Civilian Visibility
Bonnie Johanssen Prolethean Visibility
Brightborn Visibility
Bulldog Neolutionist Visibility
Cal Morrison Civilian Visibility
Carlton Redding Birdwatcher Visibility
Chad Norris Civilian Visibility
Charity Simms Civilian Visibility
Charlotte Bowles Leda clone Visibility
Colin Morgue attendant Visibility
Connie Hendrix Civilian Visibility
Conrad Civilian Visibility
Cosima Niehaus Leda clone Visibility
Danielle Fournier Leda clone Visibility
Daniel Rosen Visibility
David Benchman Military Visibility
Delphine Cormier Scientist Visibility
Detective Lindstein Detective Visibility
Dizzy Hacker Visibility
Donnie Hendrix Civilian Visibility
Dr. Silva Project Castor Visibility
Effie Leda clone Visibility
Erwin Obinger Civilian Visibility
Ethan Duncan Scientist Visibility
Evie Cho Doctor Visibility
Felix Dawkins Civilian Visibility
Ferdinand Chevalier Visibility
Fey Leda clone Visibility
Frank Neolution Visibility
Gavin Hardcastle Lieutenant Visibility
Gemma Hendrix Child Visibility
Glenndale Community Theathre Visibility
Gracie Rollins Prolethean Visibility
Greg Visibility
Hector Monitor Visibility
Helena Leda clone Visibility
Hell-Wizard Civilian Visibility
Henrik Johanssen Prolethean Visibility
Henry Bosch Doctor Visibility
Ian Van Lier Doctor Visibility
Inga Obinger Civilian Visibility
Ira Castor clone Visibility
Janika Zingler Leda clone Visibility
Janis Beckwith Coroner Visibility
Jason Kellerman Civilian Visibility
Jennifer Fitzsimmons Leda clone Visibility
Jesse Civilian Visibility
Jesus Christ Superstar Visibility
João Bodyguard Visibility
John Sadler Birdwatcher Visibility
Jonah Appleyard Prolethean Visibility
Justyna Buzek Leda clone Visibility
Kassov Visibility
Katja Obinger Leda clone Visibility
Kelsey Civilian Visibility
Kendall Malone Genetic original Visibility
Kendra Dupree Carrier Visibility
Kira Manning Child Visibility
Krystal Godertich Leda clone Visibility
Lionel Civilian Visibility
Luisa Civilian Visibility
Madison Secretary Visibility
Maggie Chen Prolethean Visibility
Marci Coates Civilian Visibility
Marion Bowles Executive Visibility
Mark Rollins Castor clone Visibility
Martin Duko Detective Visibility
Martin Funt Visibility
Matti Monitor Visibility
Maya Bell Child Visibility
Meera Kumar Civilian Visibility
Military Visibility
Mr. Kumar Civilian Visibility
Mrs. Chubbs Civilian Visibility
Neolution Visibility
Niki Lintula Leda clone Visibility
Olivier Duval Neolutionist Visibility
Oscar Hendrix Child Visibility
Painmaker Civilian Visibility
Parsons Castor clone Visibility
Patty Civilian Visibility
Paul Civilian Visibility
Paul Dierden Military Visibility
Police Department Visibility
Polish girl Leda clone Visibility
"Pouchy" Pouzihno Drugdealer Visibility
Project Castor Visibility
Project Leda Visibility
Proletheans Visibility
Rabbit Hole Visibility
Rachel Duncan Leda clone Visibility
Raj Singh Police technician Visibility
Ramone Dealer Visibility
Reverend Mike Clergyman Visibility
Rockabilly Bob Civilian Visibility
Roxie Neolution Visibility
Rudy Castor clone Visibility
Sammy Military Visibility
Sarah Manning Leda clone Visibility
Sarah Stubbs Civilian Visibility
Scott Smith Student Visibility
Seth Castor clone Visibility
Shay Davidov Civilian Visibility
Sherry Civilian Visibility
Siobhan Sadler Birdwatcher Visibility
Sofia Jensen Leda clone Visibility
Stephen Riggs Banker Visibility
Styles Miller Castor clone Visibility
Susan Duncan Scientist Visibility
Tabitha Stewart Neolution Visibility
Teddy Civilian Visibility
Terrance Visibility
The Dyad Institute Visibility
"The Messenger" Neolution Visibility
Tomas Prolethean Visibility
Tony Sawicki Leda clone Visibility
Topside Visibility
Trina Neolution Visibility
Troy Collier Detective Visibility
Veera Suominem Leda clone Visibility
Vera Civilian Visibility
Vic Schmidt Civilian Visibility
Virginia Coady Doctor Visibility
Willard Finch Civilian Visibility
Yvonne Therapist Visibility
Zoie Civilian Visibility
Source Link Target Date
Abel Johanssen Son Bonnie Johanssen
Abel Johanssen Brother Gracie Rollins
Abel Johanssen Son Henrik Johanssen
Adele Paternal half-sister Felix Dawkins
Alan Nealon Works Neolution
Alan Nealon Works The Dyad Institute
Aldous Leekie Ex-lover Delphine Cormier
Aldous Leekie Affiliated Neolution
Aldous Leekie Head The Dyad Institute
Alexis Proletheans
Alison Hendrix Husband/Monitor Donnie Hendrix
Alison Hendrix Performs Glenndale Community Theathre
Alison Hendrix Friends Sarah Stubbs
Alonzo Martinez Follower Neolution
Amelia Surrogate mother Helena
Amelia Surrogate mother Sarah Manning
Angela Deangelis Partner Art Bell
Angela Deangelis Worked Beth Childs
Angela Deangelis Works Police Department
Anita Bower Psychiatrist Beth Childs
Art Bell Daughter Maya Bell
Art Bell Works Police Department
Astrid Works Olivier Duval
Aynsley Norris Best friend Alison Hendrix
Aynsley Norris Ex-wife Chad Norris
Benjamin Kertland Ally Siobhan Sadler
Beth Childs Lover Art Bell
Beth Childs Works Police Department
Birdwatchers Benjamin Kertland
Birdwatchers Carlton Redding
Birdwatchers John Sadler
Birdwatchers Siobhan Sadler
Blood Ties Director Alexander
Blood Ties Star Alison Hendrix
Blood Ties Supporting cast Conrad
Blood Ties Glenndale Community Theathre
Blood Ties Pianist Kelsey
Blood Ties Supporting cast Paul
Blood Ties Co-star Sarah Stubbs
Bobby Acquaintance Felix Dawkins
Bobby Acquaintance Sarah Manning
Bonnie Johanssen Affiiliated Proletheans
Brightborn Works Neolution
Bulldog Bodyguard Ferdinand Chevalier
Bulldog Works Neolution
Bulldog Infiltrated Topside
Cal Morrison Daughter Kira Manning
Cal Morrison Lover Sarah Manning
Carlton Redding Lover Siobhan Sadler
Chad Norris Affair Alison Hendrix
Charity Simms Neighbor Alison Hendrix
Charity Simms Neighbor Aynsley Norris
Charlotte Bowles Direct genetic identical Rachel Duncan
Colin Sexual Felix Dawkins
Connie Hendrix Mother-in-law Donnie Hendrix
Connie Hendrix Adoptive daughter
Cosima Niehaus Ex-girlfriend Shay Davidov
Daniel Rosen Monitor/sexual Rachel Duncan
David Benchman Works Military
David Benchman Informant Paul Dierden
Delphine Cormier Ex-girlfriend/Monitor Cosima Niehaus
Delphine Cormier Works The Dyad Institute
Detective Lindstein Works Police Department
Dizzy Friend Veera Suominem
Dr. Silva Affiliated Military
Dr. Silva Works Project Castor
Erwin Obinger Adoptive father Katja Obinger
Ethan Duncan Adoptive father/Childhood monitor Rachel Duncan
Ethan Duncan Formerly affiliated The Dyad Institute
Evie Cho Works Brightborn
Evie Cho Boss Frank
Evie Cho Affiliated Neolution
Evie Cho Boss Roxie
Felix Dawkins Foster brother Sarah Manning
Ferdinand Chevalier Affiliated Neolution
Ferdinand Chevalier Ex-lover Rachel Duncan
Ferdinand Chevalier Works Topside
Frank Agent Neolution
Frank Partner Roxie
Gavin Hardcastle Works Police Department
Gemma Hendrix Adoptive daughter Alison Hendrix
Gemma Hendrix Adoptive grandmother Connie Hendrix
Gemma Hendrix Adoptive daughter Donnie Hendrix
Gracie Rollins Daughter Bonnie Johanssen
Gracie Rollins Daughter Henrik Johanssen
Gracie Rollins Married Mark Rollins
Gracie Rollins Formerly affiliated Proletheans
Greg Boyfriend/Monitor Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Hector Monitor Krystal Godertich
Helena Father of unborn twins Henrik Johanssen
Helena Boyfriend/Lover Jesse
Helena Raised Proletheans
Hell-Wizard Owner Rabbit Hole
Hell-Wizard Friend Scott Smith
Henrik Johanssen Married Bonnie Johanssen
Henrik Johanssen Affiliated Proletheans
Henry Bosch Works Brightborn
Ian Van Lier Works Brightborn
Ian Van Lier Doctor Evie Cho
Inga Obinger Married Erwin Obinger
Inga Obinger Adoptive mother Katja Obinger
Ira Affiliated Neolution
Janis Beckwith Co-worker Art Bell
Janis Beckwith Co-worker Beth Childs
Janis Beckwith Works Police Department
Jason Kellerman Ex-boyfriend Alison Hendrix
Jesus Christ Superstar Vocal coach Kelsey
João Bodyguard "Pouchy" Pouzihno
John Sadler Married Siobhan Sadler
Kassov Contact Siobhan Sadler
Kendall Malone Genetic original Project Castor
Kendall Malone Genetic original Project Leda
Kendra Dupree Carrier Brightborn
Kira Manning Foster uncle Felix Dawkins
Kira Manning Daughter Sarah Manning
Kira Manning Foster mother Siobhan Sadler
Krystal Godertich Kissed Rudy
Lionel Works "Pouchy" Pouzihno
Luisa Niece "Pouchy" Pouzihno
Madison Secretary Paul Dierden
Maggie Chen Kidnapped/Trained Helena
Maggie Chen Affiliated Proletheans
Maggie Chen Formerly affiliated The Dyad Institute
Maggie Chen Partner Tomas
Marci Coates Rival Alison Hendrix
Marion Bowles Adoptive daughter Charlotte Bowles
Marion Bowles Executive The Dyad Institute
Marion Bowles Executive Topside
Mark Rollins Formerly affiliated Proletheans
Martin Duko Works Evie Cho
Martin Duko Affiliated Neolution
Martin Duko Works Police Department
Martin Funt Assigned Ethan Duncan
Martin Funt Works The Dyad Institute
Matti Monitor Veera Suominem
Meera Kumar Neighbor Alison Hendrix
Meera Kumar Neighbor Aynsley Norris
Military Creators Project Castor
Military Creators Project Leda
Mr. Kumar Married Meera Kumar
Mrs. Chubbs Mother-in-law Alison Hendrix
Mrs. Chubbs Mother Donnie Hendrix
Mrs. Chubbs Adoptive grandmother Gemma Hendrix
Mrs. Chubbs Adoptive grandmother Oscar Hendrix
Olivier Duval Works Neolution
Olivier Duval Boss Paul Dierden
Oscar Hendrix Adoptive son Alison Hendrix
Oscar Hendrix Adoptive grandmother Connie Hendrix
Oscar Hendrix Adoptive son Donnie Hendrix
Painmaker Friend Scott Smith
Patty Assaulted Rudy
Patty Assaulted Seth
Paul Dierden Boyfriend/Monitor Beth Childs
Paul Dierden Boyfriend/Monitor Rachel Duncan
Paul Dierden Ex-boyfriend Sarah Manning
"Pouchy" Pouzihno Boss Alison Hendrix
"Pouchy" Pouzihno Boss Donnie Hendrix
"Pouchy" Pouzihno Boss Jason Kellerman
"Pouchy" Pouzihno Boss Vic Schmidt
Project Castor Clone Abel Johanssen
Project Castor Clone Ira
Project Castor Clone Mark Rollins
Project Castor Clone Parsons
Project Castor Clone Seth
Project Castor Clone Styles Miller
Project Leda Clone Alison Hendrix
Project Leda Clone Annia Kaminska
Project Leda Clone Aryanna Giordano
Project Leda Clone Beth Childs
Project Leda Clone Charlotte Bowles
Project Leda Clone Cosima Niehaus
Project Leda Clone Danielle Fournier
Project Leda Clone Effie
Project Leda Clone Fey
Project Leda Clone Helena
Project Leda Clone Janika Zingler
Project Leda Clone Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Project Leda Clone Justyna Buzek
Project Leda Clone Katja Obinger
Project Leda Clone Krystal Godertich
Project Leda Clone Niki Lintula
Project Leda Clone Polish girl
Project Leda Clone Rachel Duncan
Project Leda Clone Sarah Manning
Project Leda Clone Sofia Jensen
Project Leda Clone Tony Sawicki
Project Leda Clone Veera Suominem
Proletheans Jonah Appleyard
Rachel Duncan Affiliated Neolution
Rachel Duncan Raised The Dyad Institute
Raj Singh Crush Beth Childs
Raj Singh Works Police Department
Ramone Dealer Alison Hendrix
Reverend Mike Clergyman Alison Hendrix
Reverend Mike Clergyman Donnie Hendrix
Rockabilly Bob Friend Sarah Manning
Rockabilly Bob Friend Vic Schmidt
Roxie Agent Neolution
Rudy Affiliated Military
Sammy Mole Project Leda
Sammy Likely monitor Tony Sawicki
Sarah Manning Twin Helena
Sarah Stubbs Performs Glenndale Community Theathre
Scott Smith Friend Cosima Niehaus
Scott Smith Worked The Dyad Institute
Seth Affiliated Military
Sherry Friend Sarah Manning
Sherry Friend Vic Schmidt
Siobhan Sadler Foster mother Felix Dawkins
Siobhan Sadler Daughter Kendall Malone
Siobhan Sadler Foster mother Sarah Manning
Stephen Riggs Account manager Beth Childs
Styles Miller Works Military
Susan Duncan Married Ethan Duncan
Susan Duncan Adoptive son/Lover Kira Manning
Susan Duncan Affiliated Neolution
Susan Duncan Affiliated Project Leda
Susan Duncan Adoptive mother/Childhood monitor Rachel Duncan
Tabitha Stewart Carrier Brightborn
Tabitha Stewart Follower Neolution
Teddy Client Felix Dawkins
Terrance Contact Siobhan Sadler
The Dyad Institute Creators Project Leda
"The Messenger" Neolution
Tomas Kidnapped/Trained Helena
Tomas Affiliated Proletheans
Topside Partner The Dyad Institute
Trina Follower Neolution
Troy Collier Informant Evie Cho
Veera Suominem Best friend Niki Lintula
Vera Client Alison Hendrix
Vera Client Donnie Hendrix
Vic Schmidt Ex-boyfriend Sarah Manning
Virginia Coady Adoptive mother Mark Rollins
Virginia Coady Affiliated Military
Virginia Coady Adoptive mother Parsons
Virginia Coady Adoptive mother Rudy
Virginia Coady Adoptive mother Seth
Virginia Coady Adoptive mother Styles Miller
Willard Finch Partner Henrik Johanssen
Yvonne Therapist Alison Hendrix
Zoie Friend Krystal Godertich
Lover Beth Childs


Character connections from the show Orphan Black of BBC America. Pictures and information taken from their Wiki page.