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Science and Research Funding in the UK

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Node Type Description Visible
Arcadia Fund Funder Visibility
Cardiff University Grantee Visibility
Gatsby Charitable Foundation Funder Visibility
Imperial College London Grantee Visibility
Lloyds Register Foundation Funder Visibility
Society for neuroscience Grantee Visibility
The Wellcome Trust Funder Visibility
University College London Grantee Visibility
University of Bath Grantee Visibility
University of Birmingham Grantee Visibility
University of Brighton Grantee Visibility
University of Cambridge Grantee Visibility
University of Cape Town Grantee Visibility
University of Edinburgh Grantee Visibility
University of Exeter Grantee Visibility
University of Leeds Grantee Visibility
University of Leicester Grantee Visibility
University of Manchester Grantee Visibility
University of Nottingham Grantee Visibility
University of Oxford Grantee Visibility
University of St Andrews Grantee Visibility
University of Warwick Grantee Visibility
Wolfson Foundation Funder Visibility
Source Link Target Date Amount
Arcadia Fund 3,673,128.34 University of Cambridge 3673128.34
Gatsby Charitable Foundation 296,635.00 Society for neuroscience 296635
Gatsby Charitable Foundation 10,426,540.27 University College London 10426540.27
Gatsby Charitable Foundation 23,510,164.00 University of Cambridge 23510164
Lloyds Register Foundation 134,359 Imperial College London 134359
Lloyds Register Foundation 701,911.00 University of Birmingham 701911
The Wellcome Trust 7,792,164 Cardiff University 7792164
The Wellcome Trust 36,203,145.00 Imperial College London 36203145
The Wellcome Trust 150,000 Society for neuroscience 150000
The Wellcome Trust 83,162,835.00 University College London 83162835
The Wellcome Trust 110,297 University of Bath 110297
The Wellcome Trust 5,630,764 University of Birmingham 5630764
The Wellcome Trust 371,494 University of Brighton 371494
The Wellcome Trust 84,296,175.00 University of Cambridge 84296175
The Wellcome Trust 6,700,241.00 University of Cape Town 6700241
The Wellcome Trust 40,737,017.00 University of Edinburgh 4737017
The Wellcome Trust 6,818,077.00 University of Exeter 6818077
The Wellcome Trust 7,178,547.00 University of Leeds 7178547
The Wellcome Trust 2,399,386.00 University of Leicester 2399386
The Wellcome Trust 24,390,001 University of Manchester 24390001
The Wellcome Trust 3,939,718.00 University of Nottingham 3939718
The Wellcome Trust 107,722,196.00 University of Oxford 107722196
The Wellcome Trust 925,646.00 University of St Andrews 925646
The Wellcome Trust 5,261,885.00 University of Warwick 5261885
Wolfson Foundation 750,000 Cardiff University 750000
Wolfson Foundation 249,139 Imperial College London 249139
Wolfson Foundation 330,000 University College London 330000
Wolfson Foundation 500000 University of Bath 500000
Wolfson Foundation 500,000 University of Brighton 500000
Wolfson Foundation 750,000 University of Cambridge 750000
Wolfson Foundation 250,000.00 University of Cape Town 250000
Wolfson Foundation 2000000 University of Edinburgh 2000000
Wolfson Foundation 250,000 University of Exeter 250000
Wolfson Foundation 1,000,000 University of Leeds 1000000
Wolfson Foundation 100,882.28 University of Manchester 100882.28
Wolfson Foundation 1,000,000 University of Nottingham 1000000
Wolfson Foundation 230,000 University of Oxford 230000
Wolfson Foundation 500,000 University of St Andrews 500000
Wolfson Foundation 2,000,000 University of Warwick 2000000


What do you see here?

This is a network analysis of five major funders of science and research activities in the UK in the year 2016 - Arcadia Fund, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Lloyd’s Register, Wellcome Trust, and the Wolfson Foundation. In 2016, these grantmakers funded 354 organisations globally, with the majority being UK universities. The Wellcome Trust funded 315 of the organisations, with 17 of the remaining 39 being funded by two or more of the grantmakers. The most popular grantee is the University of Cambridge, which received grants totalling £112 million from four of the funders. It also received the biggest single grant of £84 million from the Wellcome Trust. 

This network graph shows the 17 institutions that are funded by more than one grantmaker and the amount that was awarded. The thicker the line, the bigger the funding flow. Notice that the Wolfson Foundation marks its regranting, usually listed as grants of £0.

How did we do this? 
We took the raw 360Giving data for Arcadia, Gatsby Charitable Trust, Lloyds Register, the Wellcome Trust and the Wolfson Foundation and using the headers in the Standard schema, we made a new dataset of science funding. 

Arcadia, Gatsby and Wolfson also award grants to the arts and humanities, so we had to filter their grants. Wolfson uses the Grant Program Title field, which helped us to filter only for grants to science and medicine. Arcadia uses a classifications field to classify its grants, so we only looked at grants made under its environment programme (which includes funding for scientific research). Gatsby doesn’t use classifications or the grant programme field, but as it awards a small number of high value grants each year, it was easy to identify its funding to neuroscience or plant science, the two main science fields it supports.