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BeTech community Online Community
BeTech is the community of, by and for Belgian entrepreneurs all around the globe. It brings the tech startup ecosystem in Belgium together, via peer to peer sharing of valuable practical tips & tricks between fellow BeTech entrepreneurs in this group or during regular BeTech events. It helps you to connect, unite and grow together. Make sure to talk, inspire and make new friends. This group is open to everyone willing to connect, discuss and share in full respect of each other.

DigitYser Organisation
DigitYser is a Brussels tech hub where communities meet to boost digital skills, empower entrepreneurship and facilitate digital transformation and innovation.
Meetup Communities Space
Tech communities that use DigitYser space to organise their meetups, events, pitchs or hackathons
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BeTech community directed Meetup Communities
DigitYser directed Meetup Communities 13/06/2017