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State of Infection

Created by
Ria Böök
Node Type Description Visible
Aniee Noble Visibility
Antam Carrier Visibility
Antka Noble Visibility
Boori Tainted Visibility
Elati Machiner Visibility
Hanjo Noble Visibility
Harai Machiner Visibility
Hausa Noble Visibility
Honak Sparefolk Visibility
Hytyr Carrier Visibility
Iisat Noble Visibility
Jukuo Carrier Visibility
Kanjo Machiner Visibility
Kauar Carrier Visibility
Kioul Carrier Visibility
Kormi Noble Visibility
Kuman Machiner Visibility
Majar Sparefolk Visibility
Matak Machiner Visibility
Nenel Sparefolk Visibility
Numal Sparefolk Visibility
Nutuk Machiner Visibility
Puuka Tainted Visibility
Rahee Noble Visibility
Rasel Noble Noble Visibility
Rasel Sparefolk Sparefolk Visibility
Rautu Carrier Visibility
Rykem Noble Visibility
Salte Carrier Visibility
Sarmi Noble Visibility
Sepsi Noble Visibility
Talap Machiner Visibility
Teeni Tainted Visibility
Virsa Carrier Visibility
Source Link Target Date
Aniee Parent of Kormi
Aniee Parent of Rykem
Antka Parent of Hausa
Antka Close friends with Hytyr
Antka Parent of Iisat
Antka In love with Kuman
Antka Complicated with Sepsi
Boori In love with Puuka
Elati Close friends with Iisat
Elati Complicated with Rahee
Elati Complicated with Teeni
Hanjo Married Antka
Hanjo Parent of Hausa
Hanjo Parent of Iisat
Hanjo Close friends with Rahee
Harai Close friends with Kanjo
Harai Complicated with Rautu
Harai History with Sepsi
Hausa Close friends with Elati
Hausa In love with Jukuo
Hausa Married Kormi
Honak In love with Harai
Honak Complicated with Kuman
Honak Close friends with Nenel
Honak Close friends with Talap
Honak Close friends with Virsa
Hytyr Married Jukuo
Hytyr Close friends with Kioul
Hytyr In love with Kormi
Iisat Siblings Hausa
Jukuo Close friends with Kormi
Jukuo Siblings Nutuk
Jukuo Close friends with Salte
Kanjo Parent of Boori
Kauar Parent of Elati
Kauar Siblings Kioul
Kauar Complicated with Kioul
Kioul Parent of Boori
Kioul History with Kanjo
Kioul Married Nutuk
Kuman Siblings Talap
Majar Close friends with Numal
Majar In love with Rasel Sparefolk
Majar Complicated with Sarmi
Nenel Close friends with Honak
Nenel Parent of Puuka
Nenel Close friends with Rasel Sparefolk
Numal Siblings Antka
Numal Parent of Elati
Numal Married Kauar
Nutuk Close friends with Matak
Puuka Complicated with Rahee
Rahee Parent of Aniee
Rahee Parent of Antka
Rahee Close friends with Kauar
Rahee In love with Matak
Rahee History with Nenel
Rahee Parent of Numal
Rahee Parent of Puuka
Rahee Married Sarmi
Rahee Close friends with Sepsi
Rasel Noble Married Aniee
Rasel Noble Close friends with Hanjo
Rasel Noble Business with Kanjo
Rasel Noble Parent of Kormi
Rasel Noble Close friends with Kormi
Rasel Noble Parent of Rykem
Rasel Noble In love with Salte
Rasel Sparefolk Siblings Harai
Rasel Sparefolk Complicated with Sarmi
Rautu Parent of Hytyr
Rautu Business with Rykem
Rykem Close friends with Kormi
Rykem Close friends with Rautu
Salte Complicated with Elati
Salte Close friends with Rasel Noble
Sarmi Parent of Aniee
Sarmi Siblings Hanjo
Sarmi Parent of Numal
Sarmi Close friends with Rykem
Sepsi History with Honak
Sepsi History with Majar
Sepsi History with Rasel Sparefolk
Sepsi In love with Rykem
Sepsi Married Rykem
Sepsi History with Virsa
Talap History with Iisat
Talap Vision with Teeni
Teeni Vision with Iisat
Teeni Vision with Kormi
Teeni Vision with Nenel
Teeni Close friends with Talap
Teeni Vision with Teeni
Virsa In love with Aniee
Virsa Close friends with Harai
Virsa Siblings Kuman
Virsa History with Sepsi
Virsa Siblings Talap