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Node Type Description Visible
Arthur Holmwood Person Visibility
Bats Concept Visibility
Blood Transfusion Concept Visibility
Brides of Dracula Person Visibility
Castle Dracula Location Visibility
Creepy Shit Concept Visibility
Czarina Catherine Location Visibility
Death Concept Visibility
Dracula Person Visibility
Dr. Seward Person Visibility
Jonathan Harker Person Visibility
London Location Visibility
Lucy Westenra Person Visibility
Mina Harker Person Visibility
Mrs. Westenra Person Visibility
Notation Concept Visibility
Pop Culture Concept Visibility
Quincey Morris Person Visibility
Real Estate Concept Visibility
Renfield Person Visibility
Shorthand Concept Visibility
Super Cool and Awesome Concept Visibility
Szgany Person Visibility
Vampires Concept Visibility
Van Helsing Person Visibility
Wolves Concept Visibility
Source Link Target Date
Arthur Holmwood donates for a Blood Transfusion
Arthur Holmwood friends with Dr. Seward
Arthur Holmwood engaged to but also kills Lucy Westenra
Arthur Holmwood friends with Quincey Morris
Brides of Dracula are undead Death
Brides of Dracula married to? servants of? Dracula
Brides of Dracula try to kill? Mina Harker
Brides of Dracula are Vampires
Czarina Catherine the last retreat of Dracula
Dracula owns Castle Dracula
Dracula is undead Death
Dracula imprisons Jonathan Harker
Dracula wants domain over London
Dracula drinks blood from Lucy Westenra
Dracula drinks blood from Mina Harker
Dracula is a Vampires
Dr. Seward donates for a Blood Transfusion
Dr. Seward in love with Lucy Westenra
Dr. Seward records his diary Notation
Dr. Seward friends with Quincey Morris
Jonathan Harker friends with Arthur Holmwood
Jonathan Harker prisoner in Castle Dracula
Jonathan Harker friends with Dr. Seward
Jonathan Harker writes in a journal Notation
Jonathan Harker friends with Quincey Morris
Jonathan Harker writes in Shorthand
Lucy Westenra gets a Blood Transfusion
Lucy Westenra dies Death
Lucy Westenra is briefly a Vampires
Mina Harker friends with Arthur Holmwood
Mina Harker friends with Dr. Seward
Mina Harker married to Jonathan Harker
Mina Harker friends with Lucy Westenra
Mina Harker writes in a diary Notation
Mina Harker friends with Quincey Morris
Mina Harker can read Shorthand
Mina Harker is Super Cool and Awesome
Mina Harker friends with Van Helsing
Mrs. Westenra mother of Lucy Westenra
Pop Culture affects my view of Dracula
Pop Culture affects my view of Vampires
Quincey Morris donates for a Blood Transfusion
Quincey Morris dies :( Death
Quincey Morris in love with Lucy Westenra
Real Estate for some reason a very big plot point? Dracula
Renfield yikes Creepy Shit
Renfield is the servant of Dracula
Renfield is the patient of Dr. Seward
Szgany wander near Castle Dracula
Szgany try to help return Dracula
Szgany foil the escape plans of Jonathan Harker
Vampires can turn into Bats
Vampires are undead Death
Vampires can talk to Wolves
Van Helsing helps perform Blood Transfusion
Van Helsing kills Brides of Dracula
Van Helsing taught Dr. Seward
Van Helsing tries to help Lucy Westenra
Van Helsing knows about Vampires